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Event Zone

  • The event floor plan may be modified afterwards. Please check the notice on the day of your visit to the Summer Festival event site, or the Summer Festival Passport provided at the event site.
Dart Event Zone Recreation Zone Photo Zone Brand Zone
The Champion
(11:00 ~ 18:00)

Speed 301
One-foot massage board dart
King of dart tokens
Dart Shaking
Throwing from afar
(13:00 ~ 18:00)

Lucky Draw
(13:00 ~ 18:00)
Phoenix on a starry night
(13:00 ~ 18:00)

10.10.10 Recreation &
(13:00 ~ 18:00)

The strike zone
(Pitching Joy)
(13:00 ~ 18:00)

(13:00 ~ 18:00)

(11:00 ~ 18:00)
Summer Festival
Photo Count-Up
(11:00 ~ 18:00)

Summer Festival
Photo Zone
(11:00 ~ 18:00)
Wholesome Drinking
(Campaign Zone)
(13:00 ~ 18:00)

History Zone
(11:00 ~ 18:00)

Secret Zone
to be revealed
at the site!
Announcement of results and lucky draw (19:00)
  • Different events are available for each date, so please check the event stamp information provided at admission.
  • Complete or participate in the mission at each zone to earn a stamp on your passport.
  • On Friday, events time may change according to the based on the tournaments progression.
  • Event details and rewards may be altered or cancelled without prior notice.
(Event mission paper)
Accomplish the event missions written on the passport provided on admission. Then, earn the stamp and a lucky draw paper! Fill in the paper, submit it at the event booth and wait until you become today’s lucky person!!
Complete the dart event mission comprised of 6 sections to earn a sticker → Check the red, blue, and yellow sticker followed by the lucky draw → Earn a stamp (Event Zone) after participating in the lucky draw with many giveaways! (Unlimited number of attempts)
Yellow sticker
  -Speed 301
2 people start the 301 game at the same time. The player to finish first wins!
  -The Champion
Have a go on the Champion Machine just once to accomplish the mission! (Yellow sticker)
Blue sticker
  -One-foot massage board dart
Stand on the acupressure board with one foot, and throw 3 darts. Men need to score over 80 points, and ladies score over 60 points to succeed!
  -Throwing from afar
Throw 3 darts from the 3m throw line. Men need to score over 80 points, and ladies score over 60 points to succeed!
Red sticker
  -King of dart tokens
3 people throw 3 darts each, and choose a token in the order of higher scores. The player that wins the matching token is the winner!
  -Dart Shaking
3 people wear step counters, shake their heads, and throw a dart each. Add the scores (number of steps + dart score), and the player with the highest score wins!
1.Phoenix on a starry night
Share stories with Phoenix! Those who submit the selected stories of Phoenix Dart and song requests will receive snacks! Stories will be introduced in order at each hour! Recration & Snack
To commemorate Summer Festival’s 10th anniversary, 10 special giveaways will be awarded to 10 people that stand out from the crowd every day! Please look forward to it!
3.The strike zone (Pitching Joy)
If you throw pitches at speed of over 110Km(Male), over 80km(Female), the stickers will be provided randomly and the base ball or the sports socks will be given.
  • The folding fan will be given to all participants.
Tarot card readings are only KRW 1,000 at Summer Festival! Purchase a ticket, and visit the Tarot booth!
Wear a “2019 Summer Festival Logo Tattoo” provided at admission to the event booth. You will receive a stamp (Tattoo)!
*PSF Photo Count-Up
My photo appears on the machine! If a photographer wearing the Photo Count-Up armband takes your photo, you’ll receive a stamp (Photo Count-Up)! (Photos taken at the Summer Festival site will be used for the Summer Festival Photo Count-Up.)
*PSF Photo Zone
Visit the Summer Festival Photo Zone, take a photo on the photo wall and upload it as a proof to receive a stamp (Photo Zone)!
*History Zone ※ Located by doorway
Visit the Summer Festival 10th Anniversary History Wall to receive a stamp (History)! (Only on Friday)
*Wholesome Drinking Campaign Zone
Play the Guess the Picture game for wholesome drinking habits! Simply participate to receive a stamp (Campaign)!
Get the correct answer to receive extra gifts!
*Secret Zone!
Another hidden zone that will be revealed on the day of the Summer Festival! Make a visit to receive a stamp!
Are you curious? Check it out for yourself at the Summer Festival!